What information are you DRIVING around?

Car Sticker safety
your kids sports

Let me Introduce you
to our children and
because they're
Involved with extra
curriculars, we'll be
gone most evenings and/or
weekends for practice games.

your pets

We have a
small-breed dog
that answers to the
name "Max."

your toys

We like expensive
toys that you can
probably find
in our garage.

your kids

This is where
our children
attend school.
You can find
them here.

your plate

My personalized plate
Is easier to recall should
you find someone inside
you want and to keep
track of in my vehicle.

your spouse

My spouse
is away
for extended
periods of time.

your sports

We like outdoor sports
and may have expensive
equipment at home or
possible In our car.
We'll also be gone most
weekends during peak
seasons, leaving our house
unattended and and our
high school children
may be home alone.

your baby

We'll have our hands
full and be distracted
when we get where
we're going, making
us an easy target.

"Avoid giving thieves free information about you or your family by using bumper stickers or decals and avoid placing your home or yourself in danger.

Criminals are constantly hunting for opportunities, inside information, and materials to commit their crimes."

A person’s life narrative or the traits and history of their family might be revealed on bumper stickers. For instance, a bumper sticker bragging about a student’s excellent grades can attract the attention of a criminal and serve as the basis for creating a family profile that can facilitate a burglary or worse.

Reveals personal information

A bumper sticker can reveal personal information about the driver of a vehicle or their family that a person might not otherwise share with strangers. This often inadvertent disclosure of personal information may include:

  • It can be implied by a church sticker that you are not at home on Sunday mornings.
  • Criminals may assume that your automobile has valuable weaponry if you have pro-gun stickers on it. While some may see this to be a barrier, others may see it as an opportunity.
  • By displaying pride in your honor student, you reveal the child’s school, which could attract predators.
  • These bumper stickers can reveal just enough information to pose a threat, similar to writing your child’s name on a backpack.


Hints at what is inside of the car

  • How might bumper stickers entice a potential car thief to commit a break-in? Here are a few instances:Company stickers may indicate that there may be a company laptop inside.
  • NRA stickers can be a sign that there are expensive firearms inside.
  • Stickers with a profession on them should be avoided. For instance, stickers for a pharmacy or medical office may imply that a doctor or pharmacist has prescription medications in the car.

Potentially endangers your children

Theft of personal items, particularly valuable belongings, can be unsettling and even devastating at times. Still, these losses will never compare to a child’s serious injury or possible demise. By offering potential predators too much information about your kids through bumper stickers, you can unintentionally put them at risk.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are choosing a bumper sticker:

  • Bumper stickers can expose sensitive personal data about the driver and their family, making them more susceptible to criminal activity
  • Stickers can also send a message, political or otherwise, that can aggravate and at times enrage certain groups of people.
  • Simply identifying the driver as a member of a vulnerable group can increase the risk for some persons, such as college-aged women.
  • Bumper stickers can alert thieves that you may have something of interest to them in your vehicle, including your children.