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All Proceeds go towards eliminating child trafficking.


The work that Awake and Bold and countless other Christian based ministries across our state and country are doing in the realm of stopping human sex trafficking is crucial to our society as a whole. Any culture simply will implode on itself if it continues to allow the repeated  rape of  young girls snd boys and women  allowing them to be treated as a commodity. It is slavery and it is barbaric .

The NC legislature this year enacted its most comprehensive approach ever to stanch this filthy coifing tide in the Old North State. While there is much more to be done, these measures including funding non profit organizations, funding sheriffs departments to combat internet child abuse ; removing expungement costs for those who have come out of that lifestyle and want to regain their lives, increasing education about the issue ; and increasing the number of SBI agents dedicated to investigating and prosecuting sex trafficking from 2 to 10 will hopefully create an atmosphere where our state goes from  a reported 10th worst in the nation in terms of the amount of trafficking .
As a Christian, I am pro life in all of its aspects , and this is supporting pro life.
A big need now is coordinating all of the great ministries out there so that an army is built to effectively and efficiently  combat what is arguably activity from the pit of hell itself.

Ted Alexander